100 million fake "likes" on Facebook


The markets traded mixed during the midday with the Dow gaining 38 points to 21,823. Nasdaq dropped 27 points to 6,370.

University of Iowa researchers found that millions of "likes" on Facebook were automatically generated by websites that are run by spammers. The researchers estimated that up to 100 million fake "likes" and comments were created between 2015 and 2016. Users who want to increase the number of "likes" on their posts agree to "like" a post on the spammers site in exchange for fake "likes" on their own site.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating Uber for allegedly creating fake Lyft accounts in order to spy on Lyft. The "Hell" program tracked Lyft drivers and the fares that were being offered to clients. Uber also used the program to identify drivers who worked for both ride hailing services, recruit more drivers and attempted to persuade those worked for both to drive exclusively for Uber.

Casual dining chain Chili"s will trim its menu down from 125 items to 75 items in order to compete with fast casual rivals. By narrowing the number of offerings, Chili's can focus on improving the quality of its dishes. The new 40% lighter menu will debut nationwide on September 18.

The broader S&P 500 slipped point to 2,464. Bitcoin plummeted $254 to $4,345.

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